Happy Xmas Post from Indianapolis Craigslist rant&raves

Ran across this as I was rehabing from surgery. The first step is to shine a light on the issues but the question now ┬áis “What are you going to do about it?”


“Its this time of the year I choose to celebrate us as a people. The thieves, the drug addict moms leaving their children in abandon houses to go get high, the drunks beating their wives and children, the pedophiles who just cant help sharing their special kind of love with children, the parents who kill their kids, the people who murder and maim total strangers, the home invaders who kill everyone and set the house on fire to cover a two hundred dollar score, the rapists who prey on women while they are out shopping for their loved ones, all the soon to pass teens who felt life was too hard, the greedy who just want a little more at someone elses expense, the lying politicians who screw over the ones their supposed to be helping, the liars who take up others lives to further their own selfish delusions, the hiv+ hookers who dont care who they give what to, the puppet dictators, the war criminals, the racists, the homophobes, the pretend christians, the muslim extremests, the westbourough babtists,the terroists, the hate mongers, the fear mongers,the corrupt cops, the people who pass by the homeless with disdain in their eyes, the ones who walk through life with blinders on…and the list could keep going forever and ever. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. And to all a goodnight.” – Indy craigslist rant and raves Dec 12


Soon I will post some stories of what I have done about things?