Easy Target TeaPartyMovement

Before I get too deep into this post I think some background info on me is warranted.  I have always thought of myself as a republican.  Many of  my opinions formed during the Reagan years while in high school. 

The Tea Party Movement  TPM  is an easy way to show my indignation.  The TPM is against illegal aliens but are too lazy to do the hard back-breaking labor that most illegal aliens tend to do.  Hell, the TPM list illegal aliens as the number 1 core belief.   Last time I check we are all pretty much aliens unless your name is Running Bear Bottom.  Many have been working and paying taxes (but too afraid to claim refund) for a long time so the whole argument about illegals being a burden on our government is crap. 

The second point that the  TPM makes that really shows how hypocritical they are is points 6 and 7.   That the  Government must be downsized and the national budget must be balanced.  I agree in total with these two point but being that the Teap Party is made up of a lot of older angry white people they have a differennt view on what is to be downsized to balance the budget.   I can hear their thought process now  ” Cut the government  we need to balance the budget but dont take anything from me….I earned it…….take it from the poor widows and orphans…. them damn mexicans are using all my benefits ……. ”

Poll: Tea Party Voters Oppose Cuts To Medicare, Social Security | A new McClatchy-Marist Institute for Public Opinion poll shows 81 percent of voters oppose major cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The poll, which tests voters’ opinions of deficit cutting policies being considered by the super committee, found overwhelming opposition to such cuts within each demographic. Even supposedly anti-government Tea Party supporters opposed the cuts by a 76-22 margin. The poll also found consensus behind increasing taxes on higher-earning Americans: 67 percent of respondents agreed with that suggestion, including 53 percent of Republicans.

Hell, I thought I woke up in some weird alternate universe last week.   I turn on the TV and a Democratic President is wanting tax cuts and a Republican congressman is against it.


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